How to make a effective usage of Banner Printing

Creating a banner with significance can be more difficult than sending just sending e-mail to your favorite banner printing company. At the back of a straightforward and comprehensible message you have to pick a font to match. This can be delicate. No one wants to read a lengthy text, so the letters must be friendly. There are a small amount of do’s and don’t for the fonts in banner ads.


Arial is the most widespread font to use in banners. It is basic and effortless to read. But if you gave a long text it’s not the correct font for you.

Impact is a bold lettering font similar to Arial, but narrower left to right. As an alternative Impact allows you to put in more text just as easy to read.

The Ballon font gives the sensation of being in a party. The lighthearted look and the bold letters makes this font the choice one for children banners or celebration.

Times New Roman is for less vital parts of the text. Draw attention to the title and continue the text with this font to force the attention to the heading.


Comis Sans is considerate as a childish font. It is amazing for children and kindergarten, but it should be avoided in business promotion as it can imply a lack of professionalism.

Script fonts include a wide range of fonts with a cursive handwriting appearance. These fonts simply look old and should be obviated at all cost as they are hard to read. You want your public to distinguish your company name, not to barely be able to read it.


Always search for a new, creative and, in some way, peculiar form to rearrange the typography that is the main element in banner ads.


ZD Net (a popular US Site) just conducted a study and found that animated ads generated 15% higher click-thru rates than their counter parts, motionless banners, it was found that in some situations they were as much as 40% higher. Together with a clever but witty message and a fitting design this form of advertising can work splendidly. As a retailer of Ultra High speed Internet Access found out, combining a basic animation consisting of two scrolling bars filling up awfully slowly, together with a powerful but basic message to make it go faster, ‘Click Here’


The customer has to come to you when looking on the web.. the most excellent way to achieve this result is request your target market either him or her to partake in some activity carried on at your site. Maybe a Game, Quiz, Give-away, work on the basis that people like to play games. Simple games such as stairs and snakes have been found to grow the incentive click-through rates. Though, competitions have been found to present virtually no incentive and actually should be avoided.

Picking the Best Printing Service According Your Needs

As one of our most seasoned enterprises, there are scores of “printing” choices, yet what are the distinctions in printing services and techniques, that are ideal for your venture? There are three key elements that will help you figure out what kind of printing services in Singapore is ideal for you and your budget: Quantity, quality and production speed. Here’s a summary of the types of printing service and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Business Printing Services and Methods

Need to run just several dozen duplicates of a flyer, a couple of manuals or one-at-a-time invoices? A desktop printer possesses all the necessary qualifications. Regardless of whether laser or inkjet (utilizing toner rather than ink), printers you have in your home or office, deliver instant copies with adequate quality when utilizing good paper. Once the number of your necessities increases, however, your real ink and paper cost can get expensive as a do-it-yourselfer. To decrease your per-piece cost, or if you need higher quality, special printing effects or promotional printing on surfaces other than paper, you’ll have to search for a printing service for your venture.

Digital Printing

A digital record is sent from a PC straightforwardly to a toner-based digital press or copier. Since there are negligible set up costs, digital printing services are most financially savvy for low-run printing, for example, 100 flyers or postcards, a couple of publications, or for making complex documents record compilations, for example, reference booklets. Short turnaround times are another motivation to utilize digital printing when speed is a must. Digital printing quality doesn’t exactly offer that “professional” look you get with traditional commercial lithography printing, however, as tools enhance, it’s getting closer.

Special, top of the line digital printers are utilized for large format printing, for example, for vast banners and vinyl flags.

Offset Lithography

It is the most generally utilized printing service. Offset printing is where ink is exchanged, or offset, from metal plates to an elastic cylinder or “cover”, then onto the paper. This printing technique suits by far most of business printing needs. Print projects such as a glossy brochure, postcards, business cards, stationery, and catalogs are common offset projects. The advantages are rich, precise higher-quality color and subtle elements and lower unit cost for volume amounts (250-500 pieces or more). Offset printing can take somewhat longer than advanced printing because of the time required for making plates and for the ink to dry before cutting and wrapping up. Offset is for the most part not offered in littler amounts, because of the underlying set up costs included.

Standard Printing Type Quantity – lowest unit cost Quality Production Speed
Desktop printing Less than 50 pieces Good Immediate
Digital printing 50-250 pieces Good 1-4 days*
Offset lithography 250 or more pieces Excellent 2-6 days*

*Printing service timeline estimates include standard finishing, including cutting, folding, scoring and machine collating.

Take some time and ask yourself: What is important most to you on your print project? The extent of your marketing effort, your organization’s image and quality needs, any approaching deadlines and your target beneficiaries’ expectations are critical contemplations to weigh when you are searching for the best printing service for your project.